September 2009


From the 18th floor, the views of my Sungseo neighborhood are pretty great!


It is getting to be Fall here and the nights are cool and the sun is going to bed earlier and earlier. But when the sky is clear, the sun sets are really beautiful.


First of all, I have been dreadfully negligent with blog posting. (I have been much better at posting on facebook, and hopefully most of you are also there). Secondly, is it ALREADY the the 2nd half of September?? WHAT

I just finished my 3rd week of classes and I still do not know all my students’ names. The Korean names are really hard for me, to say the least, and even the ones I can remember I can only say imperfectly. Thankfully my students and I still have our sense of humor! They laugh and I laugh, but still. . . I wish I could remember. The ease of language I took for granted at home is not here in Korea.

I am teaching 3 classes. Each class meets once a week for 4 hours! What, 4 hours? Yes! By the end I am totally spent and my students are exhausted; they are working so hard to understand me and I am working so hard to be understood. We take lots of breaks and sometimes end early (I take the eyes rolling back in the head as a good sign we should stop.). And I am quickly learning the extent of my students’ English. Some can really understand and speak and others are much more limited, understanding simple words. I think I said this before, but I’m afraid my English vocabulary and grammar are going to disappear. . . I speak a lot in key words and incomplete sentences.


My classroom before the students arrive.


With some of my students at the fabric market. We are buying fabric for our first embroidery project.

1 – McDonalds cheeseburger I ate yesterday. It tasted so good. I love Korean food, but I was hungry for a taste of home (not that I eat McDonalds at home, but for the idea of home). I was thinking about you, Rubi, as I was eating it.

2- days I should be gone to Japan to get my VISA. I’ll do that next week.

3- Korean phone numbers (home, office, cell), none of which I can remember.

5- the number of “foreigners” I have met who live in my apartment building. Yay!

14- students each in 2 classes

19- students in the 3rd class

36- days in Korea

95- my Korean clothing size (gasp) (I think)

265- my Korean shoe size (I think)

4- cups of coffee I’ve had today

5- # of students currently registered for my class tomorrow (Wednesday).

11- # of students registered for my Friday class.

1- # of students registered for my Monday class.

2, maybe 3- powerpoint presentations prepared for tomorrow’s class.


This is the Craft Design building! My classes will meet on the 3rd and 4th floor.