Yesterday I went with a new friend to this place in Daegu called “Dr. Fish”. It’s a really cute cafe (with coffee and bread, etc), just like the other millions of coffee shops around Korea. But this one is different because they have tanks of little tiny fish. These fish are not in a tank for observation, they are in a pool for your feet!!

They eat the dead skin off your feet!! It felt a little bit like the tingling sensation you might have if your feet fell asleep – a little electric, but not painful. At first, I couldn’t keep my feet in the water because it was tickled so badly, but after a few attempts I was able to handle it. The results: smother feet and a good feeling of accomplishment in trying something new.

After a good dinner, as we were walking back through all the shops, my friend spotted a bright window display with colored Converse sneakers. So on a whim we went in and looked at them more carefully. In Korea it has been impossible for me to find shoes that fit because the largest women’s size is a US 8 1/2, but the beauty of Converse sneakers is their unisex appeal.

The results: new purple sneakers and a reconnection with my childhood.

By the numbers:

1- counter-top oven I now have thanks to my cousins! Thanks Drew and Rachel!

2- weeks until school begins again

3- days of Lunar New Year celebration in Korea. 새해복많이받으세요! (Happy New Year!)

5- days I will spend next week in Jeju Island with an English and discipleship camp for kids (through my church)

6- days I spent in China last week (will write about that later)

26- spools of thread and various other treasures, arrived in my mailbox as a gift from friends in the SCAD Fibers Dept. Thanks!!

32- my age now! I celebrated a great birthday with new friends in Korea.