This is how meetings go for me a school:

First, a few days before a meeting I get a text (in Korean) or better yet, someone talks to me. I mean,  if I’m lucky I get a few days. And If I type the hangeul into the translator, then I might really know when and where.

This time it was for a high school contest on Saturday afternoon. I asked and confirmed that it would be a couple hours from 3:00- 5:00. Saturday. . . well, OK. 2 hours is not bad.

Then, then on Friday, someone tells me that. . . no, in fact I have to be there at 2:30. OK, got it.

But then, on Saturday morning, I get a wake up call. Literally. “Karin, university arrange lunch. 12 pm. I leave ticket for you in mailbox.” What?? I am going from a now a simple couple hour event to a  day-long event!

I raced to get there by noon, springing the big bucks for a taxi, only then to realize that it’s not a group lunch. I have been late to group lunches in the past, and that never looks good.  But, surprise, this is not a group lunch, just a lunch at a restaurant that I don’t have to pay for.  (Now, I acknowledge that lunch is a nice gesture, but I would much rather be at home for a few more hours. it’s SATURDAY!) I sit at a table with a nice Korean man,  who turns out to be a high school art teacher. He knows about as much English as I know Korean so we talk a little, but mostly just eat.

After that I have an hour and a half to wait before we are actually meeting. . . at 2:30. Hence this blog post. I need to be home. I have an exhibit to hang tomorrow and there’s still work to be done!