June 2010

It’s hard to see in these photos, but each of the students here is wearing part of their final project! This is my Hand Embroidery Class! Their final assignment was to create a collection of 5 broaches. They are wearing their favorite one, although a few of them are doing it quite begrudgingly!

I can’t believe it, but we are quickly approaching the end of the semester!! The next week will be busy with final projects, final notebooks and tons of grading for me. But then we will have Summer vacation and I’ll be heading home for a nice extended visit! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

By the numbers:

8- days in May that I was out of Korea and in the U.S. for my sweet friend Kimmie’s wedding! It was amazing to be part of the Rayfields celebration of starting life together!!

5- boxes of Little Debbie’s snack cakes that I brought back to Korea for my classes have produced squeals of excitement!

5- the number of class absences that result in automatic class failure. Surprisingly I have a few students who are in that category.

10- days until school is out

13- students from my class are having their designs digitally printed by a company in Daegu. They are all very excited!!

50 final projects + 50 notebooks= a LOT OF GRADING.

28- days I will be in the U.S. for vacation!


I was given the amazing opportunity last month (May) to exhibit at a local gallery in Daegu!! And giving the slightly snarky tone of my last posting, I thought I’d come back with a different kind of story. Gallery 508 is a new space and therefore in REALLY nice condition, but more than that it’s a small, intimate space– perfect for my work!! I was introduced to the curator through a colleague and as soon as I walked into the gallery, I thought, “I would LOVE to exhibit here!!”

We only made the arrangements about 3 weeks before the opening so it was a little bit mad-dash to get everything together. I showed all my MFA thesis work + 2 new wall pieces and a dress. For this exhibit I worked with a framer to create some simple frames that acted more like architectural elements than anything else. Some of the pieces hung directly on the wall and other hung inside white boxes (without glass). I felt really good about how everything came together!!

So far in my experience in Korea I feel like I have just barely been hanging on, like I’m able to accomplish the minimum required of me. But with this, this was the first time I did something extra and it felt really good to stretch my wings!

It was also really exciting for me to talk about my work again! My work is a picture of what I know the Lord does in people’s lives: He heals and mends what is broken and makes a NEW story. A big group from a church showed up at my opening reception (I never know how things happen. . . ) and it was amazing for me to see how the work became an avenue for communication, even though language was a barrier! It was so cool!

Now that I’ve shown all my work. . . I guess it’s time to get back to making again!