October 2010

At home, this is my most recent addition:

Fabric from the fabric market- $8

Hours of sewing- 2 days

Curtain rod- $8

Soft light in the morning- PRICELESS!!


For the last year I have been waiting to get a “name card”, aka a business card. It implies by using the term “waiting”, that I made some sort of effort to get it a while ago, but that’s not exactly true. It is more like it was a very low priority, I had no idea how to do it, where to go, etc.

BUT, name cards are an important part of professional society here in Korea. It’s good manners to exchange cards upon meeting someone new. When one is given to me, it is not polite for me to quickly slip it into my pocket or purse. No,  I need to take a good 2-3 second stare at the card in my hands, usually exclaiming how beautiful it is. Then I can slip it into my bag! This is then done in reverse from the other party.

You might be wondering how I avoided this whole scenario for an entire year. And up until now I would participate but just claim, “Sorry, this is my old one from back in the U.S. The e-mail is correct, but let me write down my phone number. I just haven’t had a chance to get a new one.” I can no longer use that excuse. . .

So I buckled down, asked around, waited 4 months (due to a glitch in the communication somewhere) and now have my very own Korean name card! It’s in English on one side and Korea on the other!!

I’m official!