Thank you April, for bringing Spring with you!!!

Magnolia- 목련 (mog-nyun)

Two of the professors from my department with a beautiful display of spring flowers! I had to take their picture in front of the tree because as we were walking to dinner we could see  it in the distance, and they kept saying, “Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful!”

By the numbers:

1- week I have to compile all my information to start the contract renewal process!

1- Grandmother, whose death has caused me to feel great sadness and great gladness all at the same time. How is that possible? I miss you!

3- as in 3rd floor. Our English service @ Dongshin Church has been growing so much that we’ve had to move to a bigger meeting space to accommodate all the people! Praise the Lord!!

5- weeks into the semester already!!

6- days I spent with my dear friend, Maryanna, who visited in March from the USA. It was so fun to have a visitor!! Anyone else who wants to come- my house is open to you!!

30- assignments from my Repeat Pattern class are waiting on the table behind me to be graded. (Of course, that’s the main reason why I’m blogging!)