I just saw this posted on facebook and thought this was SO interesting! Here are a few statistics about the city where I live. Click here for the original page.

A Day in Daegu

The following shows various statistics of a day in Daegu.
This information will help you get a better idea of Daegu.

A Day in Daegu
Births 56 Oil consumption 34,581,000㎾/h
Deaths 32 City gas consumption 2,218,000㎥
Population movement 1,524 LPG consumption 838 tons
Marriage 33 couples Charcoal consumption 435 tons
Divorce 16 couples Wastes Discharged 2,637 tons
Export 9,715,000 Dollars Traffic Accidents 35
Import 7,145,000 Dollars Fires 8.5
Daily water per person 331ℓ Newly registered vehicles 171
Grain consumption 826 tons Airplane use 3,271
Meat consumption 4,571㎘ Rail use 32,900
Energy consumption 259 tons Express Bus use 8,000