I recently looked back on some old posts that I started writing and never finished, only to discover this gem:

On Saturday a group of us met at the church for a spring cleaning day. We cleaned out the junk, organized the remaining things, cleaned the floors, walls & ceiling and rearranged the chairs. It was  hard work, but paved the way for a fresh start on Easter Sunday.  As we were working I was reminded how many things can be acts of worship.


This was 8 months ago, but the Lord has been gently reminding me of this again. I have developed  a bad attitude this week, you know walking around and seeing only the negative things about life in Korea, my work, the church, etc.

But now I read this again, and I remember. Yes, my life is not drudgery, but an opportunity for worship. And not worship of things, or food, or entertainment, but Worship to the King!! Not just any king, but the God of all creation!

I just finished reading a book last night about the building of a Cathedral in 12 century England. (Thanks, Mom, for the recommendation!) It’s a long book and I’ve been working on it for the last couple weeks and as I talk about it with people I realize that it’s a popular book, many people have read it. It’s full of adventure, complicated characters, love, family, and this long, involved task of building a cathedral. Since I just finished it last night, the characters and story are still very fresh in my mind. But at the end, I was struck by this task that lasted the life-time of several of the main characters. The cathedral building started when they were young and wasn’t completed until they were old men and women.And what is the purpose of the cathedral? To be a place of worship, to bring glory to God, to lift your eyes up!

I went to bed thinking about, asking these questions: what is my cathedral? What things has the Lord prepared for me to do that will be my life work? What am I making that brings glory to God and others to worship?

Then when I came here to write a new blog post I was reminded that even if I don’t know what or where my cathedral is, the reality is that everything, whether cleaning up the church last Easter or sitting in my office preparing for my classes, is an act of worship!!



By the numbers:

1- case of seltzer water I got from Costco.

2- exam days in January where I helped to assess paintings/drawings of applicants to our department.

3- new syllabi that I have to write for Spring Semester. They are taking me SO long to write.

6- days I will spend in China in February, visiting my cousins.

7- packages and cards I have received from the US this month. Thank you for sending your love in the form of  something I can touch.

8- people were needed to help me sign up for my new gym membership. It was quite a spectacle!

10- weeks of break = awesome

20- years since I have seen a elementary school classmate. We had lunch this week.

119- days, approximately, until I will come home for a visit. Just a quick one, for a wedding, but home nonetheless.